This bus ride is never ending and my seat doesn’t recline so sleep is almost impossible. About 8 hours left.

This bus ride is never ending and my seat doesn’t recline so sleep is almost impossible. About 8 hours left.

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We have crossed into NC. Send help.


MedievalWitch’s Spring Cleaning Giveaway!

I was going through my things and realized I have many of the same stones, and I thought while I love them all, I do not need 10 of the same tumble stone, So I thought I would give some of my pretties new homes.

What You Will Win:

  • 1 Bloodstone; tumbled
  • 1 Moonstone; tumbled
  • 1 Selenite tower
  • 1 Turritella Agate; tumbled
  • 1 Desert Rose
  • 1 Copy of The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall


  • Must be following me
  • Reblog as many times as you like (on your main blog since I cannot tell if you are following me through your side blog)
  • No giveaway blogs
  • Must be 18 or older or have parents permission
  • Do not tag the post as giveaway when you reblog, it can mess up the notes and delete entries
  • The Winner will be chosen May 4th at 8pm Pacific time
  • Open world wide
  • the winner will be chosen via random number generator
  • When the winner is chosen I will message you  so have your ask box open, you must respond privately, I am not going to keep checking on your blog to see if you posted my message publicly
  • You will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen
  • Must be comfortable giving out your home address for shipping

This giveaway is in no way affiliated with tumblr.

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A small thank you for all the customers and wonderful amazing souls who support and keep my creative juices flowing.

This collection is open for out of U.S shipping and will end at the end of this month.

Every reblog and like counts at an entry, there is no limit on how many times you enter…


Year of the Horse - Giveaway time from Osteal (AHS-tee-ul)

Osteal : /

This is the first of three give-aways coming up. You will receive everything that is pictured (plus more)

The Prizes: - two antique pieces of bone/horn
- locally collected moss, lichen, fungi and wasp nests pieces
- elk bone, shells, arrowheads
- unknown skull, jaw and vertebra that i’ve acquired
- small bag of small bones
- piece of petrified wood
- vintage doily, chunk of rabbit fur, large skeleton key
- All in a large vintage Cigar Box

Jewelry : one deer knuckle bone necklace, one mourning style hair locket, one pair of raccoon rib earrings, one silver earring with snake vertebrae, locally sourced horse hair necklace

The Rules:  Do not remove ANY of this text

Must be a U.S resident (will have an international give away later in the month!), and 18 or older

- Must Follow or be following
- Tag ostealjewelry at the bottom of the post
- Reblog for an entry, each reblog counts
- likes are appreciated too

Must be a real blog, no giveaway blogs - MUST have your ask box open so i can contact you - U.S. Residents only, you must be 18 years or older

Winner will be chosen APRIL 30th - winner will be notified via tumblr, make sure your ask box is open. Winner will be chosen at random by a generator - after contacted winner will have 48 hours to respond, after 48 hours another winner will be chosen.

 this giveaway is not affiliated with tumblr

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Once again, I have a giveaway for all you lovlies. This giveaway is smaller than the last ones I’ve had, but it’s by far the most valuable. All these stones are 100% natural gemstones. They’re part of my personal collection, and I just think it’s time for them to find a new home.. I’ve realized I’ve become far too attached to my stones as material possessions, so this is helping me to let go, while at the same time bringing joy to another person. These are all the stones included (from left to right in the first picture):

  • Polished lepidolite chunk
  • Green tourmaline crystal
  • Tumbled reverse watermelon tourmaline slice
  • Rough aquamarine crystal
  • Polished opal
  • Double terminated quartz crystal with black cloudy inclusions
  • Polished fire agate
  • Something from my shop of your choosing that is under $25

All I ask is that you respect me, my business, and these rules:

  • You can reblog this post as many times as you’d like, but please don’t spam.
  • Please follow my blog so you keep track of updates on the giveaway.
  • I run an Etsy shop that has handcrafted jewelry made from all natural gemstones that focuses on crystal healing. If you have an Etsy account, I’d appreciate it if you liked my my shop. If you don’t have an Etsy account, don’t worry about it.
  • Please do not use side blogs or giveaway blogs. I must be able to see that you are following me when the winner is chosen.
  • The winner will be chosen via a random number generator. 
  • This is international
  • Entries will be closed May 2nd at 11:59 pm PST, and the winner will be announced shortly after that
  • The winner will have 24 hours to respond with their full name and address- if they do not, a different winner will be selected
  • If you are underage, please make sure it is okay with your parents that you are giving out your address
  • Please do not tag this post as “giveaway” when you reblog it. That will increase the chances of the notes messing up on this post.
  • Please, be respectful of me and my rules. If you break any of these rules, you will be disqualified. 

I hope this brings some more attention to my shop, and I hope that these stones go to someone who is lovely and just as appreciative of their beauty as I have been. I really hope they go to a lovely new home. Thank you for participating! I hope you enjoy. Good luck! 

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Here it is, number two! In celebration of 3650 followers on tumblr, and over 600 Etsy admirers!


  • Must be following Me, Songsofthesilent
  • Reblogs count as entries. Reblog as many times as you’d like! Each reblog counts as one entry.
  • This is an international giveaway.
  • I will check that these rules are followed!

What you’ll get:

  • One Hand painted mink skull
  • One adjustable doll eye ring
  • One Hex Breaker mink bone and glass eye necklace.
  • One Artist Charm
  • One rose petal and mouse jaw vial pendant.
  • One Dye Cut Cicada sticker

Feel free to check out my Etsy Shop: Artfully Artless

And like my facebook page!

Winner will be announced May 1, 2014

Good luck!!

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Excuse my FILTHY floor. But hey-yo I decided to do a giveaway for the followers that enjoy the things I make and sell!

Ill be giving away:

  • 1 white rose velvet choker with crescent moon charm and spikes.
  • 1 plain velvet pentagram choker (both chokers fit all sizes!)
  • 1 raw rodent skull
  • 1 wishbone pentagram charm 

The rules are as follows:

  • MBF me
  • Reblogs only! (likes do not count)
  • Will ship ANYWHERE! Must be willing to provide shipping address. 
  • Reblog as many times as you like, the more the merrier. 
  • Giveaway blogs are disqualified.
  • I will message the winner (HAVE YOUR ASK BOX OPEN PLEASE) and if I do not receive a response in 48 hours I will pick a new winner.
  • Winner will be picked through 

THATS IT! If you are interested in my jewelry but don’t have the time to wait for the giveaway to end, check out my store here where I frequently update merchandise.

I’ll also be posting the giveaway on IG so follow me @darklittlefaun and post it there for an even GREATER chance of winning!

Giveaway ends: APRIL 30TH, 2014.

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GIVEAWAY TIME `(✿◠‿◠)ノ*: ・゚✧ *・゜゚・*☆

win an entire set of Noelebelle tops, handmade by yours truly!

one winner will receive all three to add to their wardrobe & I will make them, personally, in your size and choice of color ・ω・

the prizes:

・one cotton bra/bikini top (hemp leaf optional)

・one fairy flower halter top

・one cotton bra/bikini top with fringe

the perfect summer collection

to enter:

reblog this post (no limit) likes do not count. you may follow my blog if you’d like ♡

winner will be chosen at random from the reblog count between April 20th-30th 2014. I ship internationally so no location is excluded.

please do not remove the text or steal my photos

my shop on Etsy | my tumblr blog


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Hi someone entertain me because I’m only two hours into a seventeen hour bus ride.


Happy earth day from my little garden to yours 🌱🌿🌷🌸🌻


Happy earth day from my little garden to yours 🌱🌿🌷🌸🌻

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I think that if voldemort really wanted to kill harry potter the night the spell didn’t work on him he could’ve just picked him up and thrown him out a window given the fact that he was a one year old infant

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